Bag of Holding

Devil in the Mists, Part 13

Setting: 4th level of the sewers, near the pit of Sareth’tuel

  • Krune master of many forms (currently a blink dog)
  • Tomorra human factotum/archivist
  • Zook gnome cleric
  • Snu-Snu half-ogre fighter/ranger/barbarian/frenzied barbarian/lion totem
  • Lana whispergnome dragonfire adept
  • Lashari (shadow) wood-elf warlock

After Snu-Snu’s rage faded, Zook and Lana healed up her and the rest of the party. A thorough search and detection of magic revealed nothing of interest on Sareth’tuel or elsewhere in the room, so Lashari and Lana blasted everything to cinders. The party walked down the hall and heard a clanking noise from behind a door. Tomorra remembered that they were looking for a sinister machine called the Leviathan that was the source of the blue mist. After dealing with the door (Tomorra detected no traps, Lashari detected no magic, Zook picked the lock), Snu-Snu peeked into the room. She saw a bubbling cauldron with 8 clawed mechanical tentacles. The party decided the best tactic was for Lashari to blast it from range.

Lashari backed up into the mirrored room, and the rest of the party hid behind the corner. Snu-Snu opened the door and Lashari cast a maximized eldritch blast at at the contraption. Then Zook foolishly ran in and cast cause serious wounds at the thing, which grappled her and knocked her unconscious. Snu-Snu entered the room in a rage and swung her holy fullblade at the construct. Krune dashed in to rescue Zook, but got afflicted with insanity, along with Snu-Snu and Zook. Krune began babbling incoherently. Tomorra commanded Snu-Snu to continue attacking the machine. The machine struck back at Snu-Snu with 6 of its tentacles and killed her.

Lashari’s eldritch blast failed to connect. Lana ran up to the door to prepare to breathe on the machine. Krune clawed at the nearest target—in this case, the Leviathan—and killed it with one last swipe. At last, the evil plans of Sareth’tuel were finished—but so was brave, strong Snu-Snu. Lana used her wand of lesser vigor to return Zook to consciousness. The party in vain for loot in the remains of the Leviathan or elsewhere in the room. With great difficulty, they began to carry Snu-Snu’s corpse back up to town, in hopes of finding a powerful cleric to restore her to the living world.



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