Bag of Holding

Tako Taco

Sahuagin ambush resolved

The Devil in the Mists Part 4

Setting: sewers of Fair Haven

South Team:

North Team:

  • Snu-Snu half-ogre fighter/ranger
  • Lana whispergnome dragonfire adept
  • Lashari warlock (shadow) wood-elf

South Team

Krune, in the form of a small dinosaur, was getting ready to charge the one sahuagin visible to the south team. The sahuagin suddenly realized it needed to be somewhere else, and scooted around the corner. Krune chased it down the hallway, so it cowered in fear and begged for mercy. Merciful adventurers that we are, Hraknar tied it up and searched it, liberating a small white pony with a silver dragonscale saddle from some peculiar dimensional pocket the sahuagin was carrying. Zook appropriated the pony, being the only member of the south team small enough to ride it. Hraknar scouted ahead to the next intersection and found another room. The team questioned the sahuagin prisoner, who indicated the room to be a temple.

The area just inside the door was covered in two feet of water, but the floor sloped up towards the back of the room, where a black marble alter rested on the dry floor, approximately ten feet wide and five feet across. A brass idol of a humanoid with outstretched wings and a tail rested upon the altar, glowing green. Broken statues of aquatic humanoids littered the floor. Because of the depth of the water, Zook and Tomorra were reluctant to enter the room. Hraknar grumbled and lifted Zook in one hand and Zook’s pony in the other, so that Zook could better inspect the altar. Zook clarified that the idol was a representation of the devil lord Bazgorca. Lacking a better means of transportation (and not wanting to get her boots soaked with sewer water), Tomorra climbed onto the sahuagin’s shoulders and commanded it to carry her to the altar. She found a locked panel hidden behind the altar. Zook attempted in vain to pick the lock, so Hraknar forced it open with a dagger. Inside, the party found:

  • 12 pieces of coral (75gp each)
  • a metal tube sealed with wax, containing:
    a piece of parchment reading as follows:

Followers of Sareth’tuel, Take Heed!
The Coming of Our Savior is At Hand!
When the Conjunction of the Three Burns Across the Night Sky,
Open the Gateway to His Prison!
He Shall Return, as Promised, to Lead Us to Glory!
DO NOT DARE to Open the Gateway Prior to the Conjunction!
Doing So Shall Forever End the Holy Mists,
And Leave Our Savior Eternally Trapped in His Prison!
DO NOT DARE to Open the Gateway Prior to the Conjunction!

Tomorra informed them that the Conjunction of the Three is a conjunction of three stars that recurs every month, and will happen in two more days. Hraknar then went off to find the North Team for a further inspection of the idol and the rest of the temple.

North Team

Lana had chased the sahuagin priestess around a corner into a room. A 40-foot-deep pool took up most of the room. Two mail-wearing sahuagin screamed when she entered and two tentacles erupted from the depths of the pool. Lana used her breath weapon to entangle the tentacles and the sahuagin that she chased into the room. Lashari’s eldritch blast, Snu-Snu’s fullblade, and Lana’s fiery breath drove the octopus back to the bottom of the pool, squirting ink in distress. Lashari jumped to the ledge behind the sahuagin priestesses to position herself for a better attack. With her massive reach, Snu-Snu was able to strike at the sahuagin from the safety of the doorway. Together, they were able to kill the sahuagin. Lashari then opened the chest on the ledge, which contained:

  • a prayer book (500gp)
  • 5 black pearls (500gp each)
  • a large emerald, in fact an important key (1000gp)
  • coins (3300gp, 4170 sp)

The sahuagin priestesses carried:

  • 2 mwk morningstars
  • 2 mwk chain mail
  • 2 silver (un)holy symbols (to Bazgorca)
  • 2 heavy crossbows
  • a clock of minor displacement (20% miss chance) (24kgp)

Not willing to let the octopus get away, Snu-Snu dived into the pool after it. Lana transformed herself into a Locathah and followed her. The octopus jetted to a hole in the side of the pool. Snu-Snu searched the floor of the pool and retrieved

  • a small leather pouch
  • gold coins (2gp)

As Locathah-Lana came within sight, the octopus slammed shut a portcullis in the tunnel, slipped further away, and closed another behind it. Snu-Snu and Lana gave up in frustration and swam back up to the surface. While Lana shifted back to her natural form, Snu-Snu opened the pouch to reveal some sparkly white powder. Lana identified this as diamond dust (5kgp), a material component for raising the dead.

United Team

Hraknar strolled into the pool room and led the north team back to the temple. Lashari detected a faint aura of evocation magic upon the idol. Lana identified it as the merely a cantrip emitting green light, so Lashari blasted the idol to bits.
The united team also recovered a number of tridents, combat nets, and bolts for the heavy crossbows.



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