Bag of Holding

The Devil in the Mists Part 11

The Devil in the Mists Part 11

Setting: from the icy naga pool to the fourth level

  • Krune master of many forms (currently a dinosaur)
  • Tomorra human factotum/archivist
  • Zook gnome cleric
  • Snu-Snu half-ogre fighter/ranger/barbarian/frenzied barbarian/lion totem
  • Lana whispergnome dragonfire adept
  • Lashari warlock (shadow) wood-elf

Snu-Snu tied a rope around her waist to get ready to rescue Lana and anyone else who might fall into the icy water. Lana shouted at the naga, “Stop! They are under my protection!” Lashari flew over Snu-Snu and attacked the naga with an eldritch blast. Lana entangled it while the rest of the party stayed back and watched. Lashari and Lana attacked and finally killed the naga. However, a search of the room revealed nothing more than a bit of naga poop.

The last room was diamond shaped and appeared to be an arena. Eldritch orbs lined the wall, possibly as devilish observation devices to enjoy watching cruel battles. The party collected up the orbs in a sack and tucked it away in the zipper to be dealt with at a more convenient time.

[Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all torches are ever-burning torches.]

The party then returned to the room with the statue of the 8-armed devil and placed all gems in the hands of the statue. The statue crushed the gems to dust, then opened its mouth and the party found itself in a new room. A statue of Sareth’tuel was bound in dozens of manacles. Tomorra and Zook panicked and ran frantically around the room for a few seconds. One of the manacles melted away. Lashari noticed an aura of magic emanating from the statue. Zook unlocked the door, and the party continued on to a enormous room arrayed with pillars.

A pair of identical erinyes were flying about the chamber. One was struck by a bolt of lightning from a large orb embedded in the ceiling. The other one came to the aid of her companion and shouted at the party to leave. Lana and Zook headed for the double doors at the far side of the room. Krune blinked up to one of the mushroom-shaped pillars, grabbed a vial (perhaps a healing potion to keep the erinyes alive for their torment?), and jumped back down. Snu-Snu got zapped by a bolt of lightning on the way to the double doors. The erinyes drew their bows and fired at the party, hitting Lashari. A lightning bolt hit Zook, knocking her out. Lashari destroyed the lightning orb with a maximized eldritch blast. The erinyes tossed down a sack that jingled (a quick peek showed 50pp). Lana grabbed the sack and continued on to the rest of the party. Tomorra healed Zook with a wand of lesser vigor, then Zook healed herself back to full. The party rested. The vial that Krune snatched turned out to be nothing more than vinegar.

The next chamber was lined with mirrors and torches. Seven bone devils charged the party. However, their images in the mirrors were those of lemures. One hit Zook with its scythe. Krune yelled out that all but one were illusions. Lana stepped forward and breathed cold upon them all, which dispelled all the illusions and left only the true monster. Lashari attacked, Snu-Snu missed, Lana waited for her cold breath to recover (since she knew that bone devils are immune to fire). Snu-Snu missed again, Lana breathed again, Snu-Snu hit a mighty blow with her +1 holy fullblade, and another that killed it.



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