Bag of Holding

The Devil in the Mists Part 12

Setting: 4th level of the sewers, mirrored room

  • Krune master of many forms (currently a blink dog)
  • Tomorra human factotum/archivist
  • Zook gnome cleric
  • Snu-Snu half-ogre fighter/ranger/barbarian/frenzied barbarian/lion totem
  • Lana whispergnome dragonfire adept
  • Lashari (shadow) wood-elf warlock

Lashari detected a magical aura of non-detection on the room of mirrors and also on the mirrors themselves. Lana broke one of the mirrors on the wall. Non-magical fragments of very high-quality glass mirror fell to the floor; the mirror on the wall however magicaly repaired itself. Lana broke the corners off of a couple of conveniently sized fragments and put them in her pack. Zook unlocked the door and Snu-Snu opened the door to find a hall leading left and right. Snu-Snu took the hall to the right and Lashari the one to the left. Both found locked doors and returned to the party. Lana wanted to try the door that Snu-Snu found. Tomorra noticed a trap on the door, and was able to disable the deadly lightning trap. Then Zook picked the lock and Snu-Snu entered the room.

The room contained a bloodstained bronze throne. A wall had been sketched with a design that appeared to depict the transformation of an angel into an evil-looking tentacled monstrosity (Cthulhuish). Lashari detected another magical aura of non-detection on the room. Tomorra found another trap on the other door in the room and disabled it. Krune blinked through to the other door and found a hallway that connected back to the room with the lightning orb. Tomorra found a secret panel under the throne, concealing a drawer filled with diamonds. She asked Lashari to detect any magic in the diamonds. Lashari found none, and Lana agreed that the diamonds were mundane. Lana and Lashari blasted and melted the throne into a molten ruin. The party then decided to go back to the other hallway leading from the mirrored room.

Lashari detected no magic at the door, so Krune blinked into the room. Krune heard a voice chanting in ominous tones. The floor of the room contained a pit about ten feet in diameter, filled with roiling maggots. Broken chains and manacles lined the perimeter of the pit, holding remains of humanoids that the maggots feasted on. Standing on a balcony to the left was a bony figure with a scorpion-like tail. The figure held a rod with several chains and glowing blue flame. The flames lashed a suit of armor, which twitched with each burst of flame. As the figure noticed the blink dog in the room, it stopped chanting.

Krune blinked back to the party and described the scene. Lana said it sounded like some sort of very powerful bone devil, perhaps even Sareth’tuel himself. The party knew they were facing their most dangerous opponent ever, and that they must prepare themselves for battle. Lana healed everyone with a few charges of her wand of lesser vigor. Zook cast protection from evil on Snu-Snu and Krune and sanctuary on herself. Lana used her wand of enlarge person to make Lashari large. Lashari hasted herself, Snu-Snu, Krune, and Lana.

Krune blinked back in near the other door and barked to serve as a distraction, then blinked back out. Snu-Snu opened the door and saw the bone devil near the middle of the room, between the two doors. Snu-Snu and Lashari saw that the bone devil was just an illusion, so Snu-Snu walked over and stood in it to make that clear to the others. With her voidsense, Lana saw the real bone devil hiding on the balcony, and breathed at it with her entangling exhalation to stick it in place and point it out to everyone. The real bone devil on the balcony activated its rod and cast a massive fireball at the party. Lashari and Tomorra were knocked unconscious by the damage and the others were heavily injured.

Snu-Snu ran up the stairs to attack the monster on the balcony and entered a frenzied rage. Zook healed Tomorra back to consciousness. Krune blinked over to a spot in the air above the monster and assumed the form of a 3500lb dire lion. Snu-Snu was fighting the devil while the lion landed on its head. Lana used her wand of lesser vigor again on Snu-Snu. Tomorra used her dark knowledge to improve the attacks and saves of everyone in the party. Snu-Snu and Krune attacked the devil enthusiastically, while Krune absorbed heavy damage from it. Lana used mage hand to pick up one of the pieces of armor and toss it down the hall. Zook cast searing light, which appeared to finally kill the devil, leaving the enraged Snu-Snu no other convenient target save Krune. Lana entangled Snu-Snu to keep her stuck on the balcony while the rest exited. Krune took another blow for the team while leaping away to safety and dragging Tomorra from the room to wait out Snu-Snu’s rage.



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