Bag of Holding

The Devil in the Mists Part 6

The Devil in the Mists Part 6

Setting: a mysterious dining room and environs

  • Krune master of many forms
  • Tomorra human factotum/archivist
  • Hraknar dwarf fighter
  • Zook gnome cleric
  • Snu-Snu half-ogre fighter/ranger/barbarian/frenzied barbarian/lion totem
  • Lana whispergnome dragonfire adept
  • Lashari warlock (shadow) wood-elf

The characters popped into existence in a mysterious room and babbled incoherently to each other for a bit while the players struggled to re-do their character sheets as appropriate for level 8.

Elegant meals were strewn upon the tables, and fine paintings and tapestries bedecked the walls. Lana touched a roast chicken and a glass of wine, and detected that they were not what they appeared. Lashari discovered that all the contents of the room were under an illusion and were really rotten and decrepit.

Three stuck or locked doors blocked exit from the room. Snu-Snu attempted to break down a side door while Zook worked on picking the lock of a double door in the center. Lana’s new Lesser Invocation, Voidsense, revealed an invisible stalker appearing to attack Zook. Lana warned the party, then breathed on the enemy to little effect. Snu-Snu tried to grapple the invisible thing but was shaken off. The invisible stalker dealt terrible blows to Zook and Tomorra. Hraknar slashed the monster with mighty swings of his greatsword, and with a few more attacks, the unseeable entity was defeated. Zook and Tomorra breathed a sigh of relief as they healed back up to a more comfortable status.

Lashari followed one of the side doors down a passageway to a stone door, and Lana got bored and came back after travelling down the passageway for the other door for a bit. Meanwhile, Zook’s gnomish curiousity in the great hall resulted in that accursed bane of all adventurers: bad poetry:

Through ethereal mirrors, the battle is won!
Go forth with valor to victory!
With pairs of swords drawn, charge straight towards the sun!
The pyramid coins shall buy your souls free.

Thusly was Zook accosted by an ethereal presence that projected itself from a painting on the wall and showed her an image of four coins. She turned undead mightily and was harassed no further in that room by ghostly verses.

Krune came snuffling in to the great hall to see if there were any interesting1 things to wallow in. Failing that, he transformed into a blink dog and blinked onto the large crystal chandelier suspended from the ceiling. He discovered a packet and blinked back to the party with it, hoping to find something interesting1 inside. However, the packet was found to contain a dragon spirit cincture. Lana performed the ancient whisper gnome dance of celebration while the others, envious of her beauty and good fortune, made rude and impudent remarks about the name of the magical item. Krune whined upon discovering that he had lost his miasma and filth.

1 Slimy, messy, putrid, or otherwise repulsive.



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