Bag of Holding

The Devil in the Mists Part 8

The Devil in the Mists Part 8

Setting: bone room

  • Krune master of many forms (currently a dinosaur)
  • Tomorra human factotum/archivist
  • Hraknar dwarf fighter
  • Zook gnome cleric
  • Snu-Snu half-ogre fighter/ranger/barbarian/frenzied barbarian/lion totem
  • Lana whispergnome dragonfire adept
  • Lashari warlock (shadow) wood-elf

The three remaining skull piles vomited skulls at Zook and Hraknar, injuring Zook severely. Snu-Snu, Lashari, and Lana entered the room and attacked the piles. Zook attempted to turn them, but failed and chose to escape to the hallway. Hraknar finally finished off the second pile. Lana breathed fire on the two remaining piles, then Krune (in the form of a dinosaur) stomped one of them to bits. The last pile attacked Hraknar, who fell unconscious. Then Snu-Snu destroyed the last pile with her fullblade.

Snu-Snu and Tomorra searched the room and Tomorra found:
10 emeralds (500gp each)
1 scroll of reduce (3 uses)
folding ladder (20’ when extended, weighs 2 lb)

The party then rested and healed up, restoring health and spells.

When all were ready to proceed, Zook picked the lock in a door of the bone room. The hallway beyond led the party back to the ruby room. Then the party went to the door on the other side of the ruby room, Zook picked the lock, then Hraknar went ahead and smashed down the door anyway. Going through the hallway, Zook unlocked another door, Hraknar knocked it down too. Beyond lay a room with many cruel instruments of torture, as well as the moldering corpses of four sahuagin and one chain devil. Finding nothing of practical (i.e. magical or financial) use, they returned to the bone room to inspect the portal.

Walking through the portal, the party was teleported to the ferryman’s room.
After giving the coins to the ferryman, several characters noticed the dais was engraved with a rune for travelling great distances. The party stepped upon the dais. After a blinding flash of light, the party found itself in a similar room.

A large statue of a horned devil with bat-like wings shouted:

Prisoners ye seek, and prisoners ye find,
flawed gems shall be your last key.
Four unblinking eyes, all red, rich, and blind
reveal the path that finally sets ye free.

Hraknar unfolded the ladder, laid it against the statue, ascended it, and decapitated the statue. The statue’s head flew off and rolled along the ground, and eventually stopped repeating the verse.

The room was hung with a tapestry that depicted an 8-armed devil smiling malevolently. After receiving a premonition (i.e. DM hint) that the arrangement of the devil’s hands held a clue, the party took the tapestry and stuffed it into the zippered bag of holding.

Hraknar smashed down the door, and saw a room that was mostly empty, with 6 gleaming marble pillars forming a sort of hall in the middle of the room. There was a pair of double doors at the other side of the room. Two armored angels with steel wings stood in front of the door. One charged Hraknar, its eyes glowing briefly, and activated a kind of electrical attack. Krune charged the other and grappled it. Hraknar counterattacked with his greatsword. Lana entangled the far angel while Snu-Snu ran around to attack the near one from the side. Lashari attacked the near angel with an eldritch blast. The angels counterattacked without success. Tomorra hid around the corner. Zook went up to try to dispell the angels without success. Lana breathed fire on the near angel and noticed that the fire seemed to do an unusually large amount of damage. Snu-Snu became enraged and slew the near angel with a mighty blow. The angel was able to regain its footing, and attacked Snu-Snu with its claws. Zook cast searing light upon the angel, followed by attacks from Lana, Hraknar, and Snu-Snu, who finished off this angel as well. The rest of the party fled the room until Snu-Snu calmed down. Tomorra searched the room and found nothing of interest.



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