Bag of Holding

The Devil in the Mists Part 9

The Devil in the Mists Part 9

Setting: angel room

  • Krune master of many forms (currently a dinosaur)
  • Tomorra human factotum/archivist
  • Zook gnome cleric
  • Snu-Snu half-ogre fighter/ranger/barbarian/frenzied barbarian/lion totem
  • Lana whispergnome dragonfire adept
  • Lashari warlock (shadow) wood-elf

Snu-snu found an anklet of translocation (Tomorra).

Zook unlocked one of the double doors, Snu-Snu peeked in. Gigantic chamber (80’ in center) deathly quiet, 12 lavish crypts, dust and cobwebs. 4 giant statues 20’ tall: horns, wings, whip-like tails, brooding crimson eyes.
Snu-Snu found another crypt in one corner, labeled Raguk Vukgilug, decorated with scenes of battle of an armored orc wearing a breastplate emblazoned with an eye. The party opened all the crypts. One marked “Tlotho Azran” contained a +1 fullblade (Snu-snu). Another crypt contained a shadow cloak (Lashari). We also found two gems (ruby and aquamarine), a total of 51 gold, plus plenty of dust and bones. Panel and secret passageway under crypt of Roger the Orc. Snu-Snu opened the sarcophagus. Inside was an armored orc. Suddenly, the eyes of the orc opened wide. Tomorra shrieked, “Vampire!” and ran back to the door. The party members all begin to attack the vampiric orc, which transforms into a gaseous form and floats across the room. Snu-Snu chased after it and slew it. The party knew that the vampire would rematerialize in its crypt in about an hour, so we investigated another secret door in the center of the far wall, which led to a hallway, and a door in the side room that led to a treasure hoard. A bloodstained throne lay in the center of the room and treasure was strewn about.

The many exotic treasures found in this room include:

  • cloth of gold vestments
  • golden circlet with 4 aquamarines
  • carved harp of exotic wood with ivory inlay and zircon gems
  • eyepatch with mock eye of sapphire and moonstone
  • gold music box
  • ivory statuette
  • 5 sets masterwork chainmail
  • 5 masterwork longswords
  • 2390 pp

and the following magical items:

  • potion of bless weapon (Snu-Snu)
  • ring of protection +2 (Zook)
  • scroll of summon monster I (Tomorra)
  • potion of spider climb (3) (Zook, Snu-Snu, Tomorra)
  • scroll of summon swarm (3) (Tomorra)
  • scroll of identify (3) (zipper)
  • scroll of ghoul touch (3) (Lashari)
  • potion of invisibility (Lana)
  • potion of cure moderate wounds (2) (Snu-Snu)

After looting all the worthwhile items, the party destroyed the altar and returned to Roger’s crypt. We waited for him to rematerialize, and simultaneously Lashari attacked him with an eldritch blast while Snu-Snu staked him. Roger was found to be carrying:

  • +2 bastard sword
  • +2 full plate armor (Hraknar)
  • masterwork heavy steel shield



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