Bag of Holding

Welcome to Fair Haven!

Totally not non-ironic.

[We spent most of the evening working on picking characters, generating characters, filling out character sheets, and filling out an index card for each character for use in initiative queues and such. But we did in fact do a fair bit of adventuring towards the end.]

The Devil in the Mists Part 1.

Setting: Town of Fair Haven


At the bathhouse, townsman Canton tells the party a bit about Fair Haven: About fifty years ago, Lord Gregor disappeared and blue mist began to emerge from the sewers. Fair Haven keeps shrinking as townsfolk leave or fall ill from the mist. The mist grows worse every day. North of town are some ruins where Lord Gregor lived.

The mist afflicts Lana, Kresh, Lashari [-2 str & con while in town].

The party decides to explore the ruins. The stone walls appear badly broken up and burned, probably from angry townsfolk. The floor is overgrown with weeds. Lana finds a journal. Lashari finds a wooden box with a solid silver tea set [not magical].

It’s dark, we hear owls hooting. Shadows emerge from the wall, attacking Kresh and Lashari. Lashari attacks the shadow, which fades back into the wall. The other shadow overcomes Kresh, who is rendered immobile. Lana and Yohdoh run to help Kresh. Ran attacks the wall, which collapses and reveals the (quite shocked) shadow, which Lashari defeats. Lana and Yodoh defeat the other shadow, and Yodoh casts a spell to partially restore Kresh.

[600xp each]



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